Accelerating Social Change


A Red Spice, Grace Nzomo quips, “I am not a Mzungu and I am not an Albino.” Grace is positively living with albinism.

Grace is beautiful and works as a part-time model. She sees fashion and beauty as ways through which she can express herself and creates awareness about albinism in a world which is filled with innumerable stereotypes about it. She believes that when one is comfortable in their own skin colour, then they have the confidence to face the world. She wants her life achievements so far to be an encouragement to other people with albinism and also motivate them to strive to go beyond their limits. Confidence grows with every challenge faced, even if it is not overcome at once, it all begins with self love and acceptance.

Her vision is a society in which persons with albinism are fully integrated, appreciated and empowered to realize their full potential. Being able to brighten the corner where she is at the moment is only the first step and only time, and opportunity can tell how far she can go.