Accelerating Social Change

2017 Accelerators

Spice Without Borders alumni are committed accelerating social change in different backyards of East Africa. Learn more about them, their backgrounds and their projects.


(We did not have an intake for the 2017 Spice Accelerators. Due to the scarcity of resources, we staggered our pioneer program from 2016 into 2017 due to challenges in resources for hosting a residential training.)


You can support us by your donation or feel free to partner with us so as to help have a more effective program in 2018 as we target to host 5 participants to go through the Spice Accelerators 2018, This donation will go towards a residential training where our accelerators are housed for the entire 6 month period providing them with meals and training materials.


Applications for the Spice Accelerator 2018 are open. Go ahead and apply to be a Spice Accelerator »