Accelerating Social Change

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Spice Accelerator is an initiative of Spice Without Borders. It is not an academically oriented program but more experiential and catalytic in its nature. To take part in our initiatives and activities does not require you to have a formal education. We are interested in individual passions to make a difference. We therefore welcome women and men as well aged 18 years and older who have a social change idea and are committed to making the world a better place and more inclusive.

Spice Accelerator is a six month catalytic program that empowers participants to develop all the necessary skills for social change. Accelerators come from diverse cultural backgrounds, religious backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds and educational backgrounds. They share this diversity as they work, live and learn together. They are exposed to methods, techniques and theories that are relevant to their own ideas.

To ensure individualized training, Spice Without Borders selects a maximum of 5 – 10 accelerators per academic year through a rigorous five-step selection process.

Stage 1: Accelerators submit their application online

On our online application form, we are able to have a clear understanding of you and your idea and vision for catalyzing change at the backyard of society.

Stage 2: Spicy Interview

After receiving your online application, we then schedule an interview with you over Skype or phone to catch a feel for your passion and creativity in regards to your dream, idea or initiative.

Stage 3: Selection Process

The selection team then makes a decision for the interviewed accelerators and send admission letters to them.

Before applying for Spice Accelerator;

Be prepared to stay in Kenya for a period of 6 months working intensively on developing your social entrepreneurship idea and leadership skills to accelerate it.


You should have a spirit of equity and equality, integrity, creativity and authenticity, mutual respect, ready to share and contribute ideas , ready to work in a team and in areas where you are an expert, be ready help others sharpen their skills and achieve their goals by giving your time in terms of knowledge, experience, effort, creativity and talent.


Think you can uphold all the above? Go ahead and apply for Spice Accelerator »