Accelerating Social Change

All are Spicy. ~ What is your Spice?

At Spice Without Borders, we celebrate diversity and support efforts that embrace the strength of diversity and promote tolerance of difference. This what is represented by our flavor. To us chili as a spice is represents a new generation of social change leader from the backyard of society who is passionate about accelerating social change in their backyard through their creative abilities. We have therefore categorized our flavours, each one representing a type of social change accelerator ranging from; social activists, social project architects, social change provokers, social entrepreneurs to artists drawn from the backyard of society. Our diverse participants come in the following spicy flavours;

Red Spice | Activist:
These are the catalysts who accelerate change by raising awareness through inspirational talks and have the courage to voice out pressing issues in their backyard and seek to urgently stop discrimination and harmful cultural practices at the backyard of society.
Red Spice | Activists

Purple Spice | Creatives:
These are individual artists who use music, the spoken word, film, design and other creative abilities as a tool for accelerating social change.
Purple Spice | Creatives

Orange Spice | Entrepreneurs:
These are social entrepreneurs who create social justice through business with a goal of making profit while accelerating sustainable social change.
Orange Spice | Entrepreneurs

Green Spice | Initiators:
These are social change provokers who accelerate social change by coming up with new and innovative ideas to solving urgent social problems at the backyard of society.
Green Spice | Initiators

Yellow Spice | Innovators:
These are social project architects who accelerate change by designing technical inventions for making a social difference. They come up with unconventional inventions that positively impact the living conditions at the backyard of society.
Yellow Spice | Innovators