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now considering applicants who live and reside in Eldoret City Only!!

The six months spice accelerator program for Eldoret City is a partial scholarship

Application for the Spice Accelerator comes in 6 parts

» Part 1: Personal Details
» Part 2: Contact Details
» Part 3: Help us Know You
» Part 4: Your Idea?
» Part 5: Your References
» Part 6: Terms of Application

We appreciate you for your interest in our catalytic training that is geared towards accelerating social change at the backyard of society. Before filling out your application, please review our Accelerator Application Tips as they will guide you in submitting this application in a more informed way possible.

Spice Accelerator is not an academic institution. Formal education is therefore not a requirement. We are interested in your passion to accelerate social change by what you are doing now or what you plan to do in future to create a positive impact in your backyard.

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1 » Part 1: Personal Details
2 » Part 2: Contact Details
3 » Part 3: Help us Know You
4 » Part 4: Your Idea!
5 » Part 5: Your References
6 » Part 6: Terms of Application
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  • We don’t discriminate on applicants with disabilities. They are welcome to apply.
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