Accelerating Social Change

Spicy Awards

Spice Without Borders identifies and recognizes those impacting the margins of society. These are activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, initiators and innovators in the backyards of East Africa whose work, business acumen or initiatives make a lasting impact in the lives of the people in their communities. We encourage you to nominate yourself, organizations or individuals who are doing extraordinary and remarkable work for Spice Without Borders to acknowledge their contribution and impact in the East African region.


We are seeking organizations and media to partner with us in sponsoring each awards to be able bring out the great works of women and men across East Africa. Spice Without Borders uses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programs as the yardstick for all categories in its Spicy Awards and focus on the following thematic areas;

Spice Without Borders Social Change Innovation of the Year Award
Gender Equality Social Innovator Award
Environmental Social Innovator Award
Peace & Social Justice Social Innvator Award
Poverty and Hunger Eradication Innovator Award
Quality Education Innovator Award
Clean Water & Sanitation Innovator Award
Clean Energy Innovator Award
Youth -Driven Social Innovator Award
Women- Driven Social Innovator Award

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