Accelerating Social Change

The Board

The board members of Spice Without Borders serve as a valued source of advice on issues of importance to the future of the organization. They are obsessed with accelerating social change at the backyards of society and they believe in inclusion. They know that social change can only be accelerated if we identify and spice up individuals at the backyard of society to initiate ethical social ventures that urgently address social issues in these backyards.

Board Chairperson | Jayne Wairimu Waithera

A 2010 kanthari Fellow and a 2015 Yali Fellow, Jayne Wairimu Waithera is a woman having been born with Albinism to a mother who abandoned her at birth out of fear and stigma, She is inspired by the works of Rick Guidotti. Jayne is on the frontline addressing the significant needs, both medical and psychological, of the local Albinism community — a community on high alert with news of recent bloodshed against individuals with Albinism in Africa.

Erick Matsanza
Initiator/ Board Secretary | Erick Inghatt Matsanza
A 2014 kanthari Certified Social Initiator, In his quest for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes and harmful norms has jumped from one issue to another on a national scale fighting for the rights of the people in Kenya using creative ways that unearth human rights abuses. On being awarded a kanthari international leadership scholarship, its at the institute for social visionaries in Kerala State, South India, that he transformed his concept of social change, zooming right in his very own backyard and bring out the hidden and unpronounced issues. With his sister, a single mother of 6 children not having a voice in the family and living in uncertainty for being deprived of her right to land and property ownership by his brothers due to traditional believes. This inspired him to initiate Spice Without Borders to serve as an accelerator for social change by equipping leaders from the backyard of society with creative ideas, the technical know-how and critical thinking skills they urgently need to accelerate social change right in their own backyards.

Board Treasurer | Veronica Nthenya Mutunga

Board Member | Josephine Ayitso
A single mother who strives each single day to fend for her children. She was faced with discrimination in her own family for giving birth to 6 children and not married. To her cultural society that’s an abomination and she ought to be send away from her family home to the unknown, probably on the streets. Josephine, a tailor by profession has hanged on and stood firm her head high to overcome the stigma in the family and to the larger community by extension.

Board Member | Neema Afwande

“Children need a voice, women need a voice, they are violated by some people in the society and most at times no one stands up for them. They suffer silently in the hands of the least expected people. They need someone to stand for them but mostly they need to be given a voice so that they can boldly rise up against such heinous acts, they need skills and education for them to make make the right choices.”

Neema Afwande is a Business administration and Management specialist who has developed passion in social education. She has worked for several organizations specifically on education assignments with young children and great interaction with women.

Her education inspiration arose after meeting young girls in the rural area being raped for three years by the farther and the mother had been silenced by the husband and the only defense or rescue she could afford was walk out of the home, marriage and family into another marriage.

In Neema Afwande’s normal field visits in the schools she noticed a worrying trend in this little one. She kept crying, withdrawn, unsettled, and not sociable. Neema took an initiative to follow up on her performance which went down during each visit she made. Neema later on learned the story of her being raped and sodomised. With the spice in Neema’s veins she took it up to herself, invited the little girl to her house and engage her with play activities helping the girl to open up. She became comfortable with Neema and narrated how events unfolded and the manner in which she would be raped on each Friday, Saturday and Sunday and because of the pain all Mondays she would be absent from school. Neema went to the police and reported, went to court all the way for a whole 4 months and the girl was rescued. Today the perpetrator of this heinous act is rotting in jail today.