Accelerating Social Change

Spice | Theory of Change

Social change in the world today has to be accelerated and more bottom-up rather than top-down and within the backyards of society. Communication processes and voice are the central underlying factor that must be in place in order for any bottom-up development to take place because only if there engaging conversations where everyone participates can people come up with and take responsibility and ownership of different urgent solutions to world’s dynamic problems. 

People have the right to be creative and express themselves directly rather than be spoken for. Voice is a human right and could be packaged in any form creative, artistic or critical. We believe that free exchange of information and opportunities for active citizen participation are key to the development of a democratic society. 

To change the way people think we have to nurture creativity and the freedom of expression and accelerate the disruption of society’s norms. The mainstream creativity platforms are powerful and are the basis by which we see the world. Creative and innovative community platforms can become a global movement today because they are experienced right in the backyards where authentic people exist, which presents the possibility that the creative abilities of the underprivileged from the backyard of society can be tapped on a massive scale. 

An informed citizenry that enjoys freedom of expression with access to free and creative platforms is necessary to the proper functioning of a democracy. Developing community creative spaces for expression and community leadership is a vital way to highlight concerns of people in developing countries, allowing the underprivileged citizens from the backyards of society to advocate on their own behalf.