Accelerating Social Change

Creativism | An intersection of arts and social justice

To us creativism is an intersection of arts and social justice bringing together diverse group of people committed to accelerating transformative social change. Through a combination of spicy talks and sessions and informal activities. Creativism is a term our initiator, Erick Matsanza, coined while on a leadership scholarship in the year 2014 at kanthari international, an institute for social visionaries based in South India, to mean activism through creativity. Its a new approach to a catalystic acceleration of social change through spaces where artists, advocates, media makers, cultural organizers and donors can connect, reflect, share ideas, and brainstorm innovative ways of inspiring and mobilizing support for social justice values and solutions through the arts.

Experience creativism in our initiatives by discovering your ultimate creative potential: you as your individual conscious, you as your society and you as the universe disrupting the norms in the creation of a future reality you desire.

It all starts with your curiosity and understanding your experiences, needs, hopes guided by your own fears. Then you roll up your sleeves by doing.

As a doer you build, test and explore creative solutions to your problems.

This then becomes your innovation as you are inspired to approach problems differently. Our initiatives fosters innovation and demystifies the visible or invisible barriers you have encountered based on what you look like, your cultural background, where you were born, issues from your past or how able-bodied you are. This is only but to sample a few of our social challenges that tend to throw us into our backyards.

As a social innovator or entrepreneur, you encounter visible or invisible barriers based on what you look like, your culture, where you were born, issues from your past, or how able-bodied you are.

Our initiatives are curated to spark , ignite and accelerate curiosity between social change and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to facilitate better impact and opportunities for social change makers and accelerators.

If you are interested in sharing your personal story, listening to disruptive conversations or exploring how to make a difference for social innovators and entrepreneurs from the backyard of the society, then Spice Without Borders is a place for you. We endeavour to create  platforms for anyone who wants to be inspired to make the society’s social impact community more accessible and inclusive to everyone in an accelerated way!

The Creativism in our initiatives bring you spicy benefits as it gives you a safe space to share your personal story, validate your experience, or listen to different perspectives. Spice Without Borders will empower you to see these visible or invisible barriers. You will form new and meaningful connections are relationships within our networks.

What are you waiting for? All of us are spicy, come find out what your spice is and use it to accelerate social change in your own backyard.