Accelerating Social Change

Our Spicy Ingredients

Spice Accelerator is not an academic institution and therefore formal education is not a requirement. All you need is a passion for a spicy idea or running a project that accelerates social change in your backyard. Accelerators are expected to be open-minded and ready to look at things differently so as to chart new ways in problem solving.


Our catalysts will provoke a new thinking and lead accelerators to new paths in our experiential sessions on key skills that enable our participants initiate successful projects on successful completion of our accelerator program. The sessions are conducted by catalysts.


A catalyst is a session facilitator and an expert in the field they are handling, willing to share their expertise with accelerators who are equally experts in their areas of passion.


Spice Accelerators are passionate about creating social change in their backyards through their initiatives and possess distinctive character elements like;

» Creative: They are authentic creators of new ideas and innovative ways of problem solving

» Organized: Through teams they are able to provide leadership and guidance and have ability plan well for their initiatives.

» Passion Driven: They keep going even if they encounter challenges in their pursuit for social change.

» Spicy Flavour: They are never afraid to take new paths, they do so with guts

» Team Oriented: They fit well in a strong team spirit environment


Spice Accelerators are provoked to solve problems at their backyards. They are then nurtured with the following spicy flavour;


» Awareness Campaigns: How to plan and implement an awareness campaigns to spread the message about their social change cause.

» Basics of business for Social Change: The knowledge that is necessary to startup a business venture and how to use it as a tool for social change.

» Branding: Creating a personal or corporate identity for a social cause.

» Business Administration: The know-how to run a business.

» Communication: How to clarify convoluted matters with ease for others to understand. Making of clear and understandable writing and passionate presentation. Writing of creative and spicy emails and press releases that pass the desired message.

» Creative Expression: Ability to metaphorically explain situations and issues.

» Environmental Awareness: How to make inventions that are environment friendly.

» Event Management: Planning and organizing of effective event and exhibitions

» Financial Management: How to manage finances while continuing to attract potential supporters. Book keeping and budget making.

» Fund raising: How to engage with potential partners and donors and research for funding opportunities.

» Independent-minded: Ability to stand ridicule with a relentless drive in the midist of criticism on personal opinions. Clear connection of creativity and their social change initiative

» Informed: Awareness of the needs, markets and opportunities for business in their backyards.

» Innovative: Understand how to create new ideas in problem solving

» Legal Framework: How to start and formalize an organization

» Logical Thinking: Ability to understand numbers and business processes

» Marketing: How look for new markets, organize events and use of social media in building networks.

» Media contacts: How to deal with difficult questions while at the same time making the best use of the media

» Open-minded: Freely sharing their ideas with no restrictions or with minimal costs.

» Problem Solving: Looking at problems as an opportunity to find a solution.

» Project management: How to assemble, develop and actualize plans.

» Project Presentation: How to build trust with donors and supporters using clear proposals and speeches

» Public Speaking: how to get every audience off their chairs and convinced about their causes.

» Risk Taking: Attempting new ways without fear of failure

» Structured Thinking: Ability to analyze and plan procedures

» Thinking like there is no box: Inventing unconventional ideas while solving problems.

» Transparency: Purposing to be transparent in what motivates them and their goals.

» Unafraid: They have the guts to voice out truths and facts even if it makes them unpopular.

» Visionary: Having a strong vision drive for social change acceleration that is not just focused on profits but social good.


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