Accelerating Social Change

Ever eaten into a red CHILI?

A chili is spicy and whether boiled or not, it never loses its taste, a symbol of the inner uniqueness of each individual irrespective of their different abilities no matter what they have to go through in life. It is this spice that we flavour our accelerators and participants in our initiatives to find out from within themselves and come up with the most creative ways to accelerate social change.


Have the courage to taste a chili today and become a social change accelerator.


C = Connect
Connect with diverse individuals like you, who have a passion to built, discover and learn something new.

H = Hone
Hone your skills that you discover within you and go step by step with subject matter experts on your way to engineering your social change idea.

I = Ignite
Ignite your inner creative abilities and transform concepts.

L = Learn
Learn from each other as you get the tools you need to get your ideas up and running.

I = Initiate
Go to your backyard and initiate your idea that accelerates social change in its reality applying what you have learnt.