Accelerating Social Change

Some of your Questions Answered

Here are answers to some of your questions we hear from interested applicants. Please take a look at our answers below and if you have any other question not answered here do feel free reach out to us.

What is Spice Accelerator?

Spice Accelerator is our six-month entrepreneurship mentorship and one-on-one training program. It is a catalytic training that equips participants, based on their talents and dreams with; creative ideas, tools, methods and skills they need to initiate sustainable ventures that accelerate social change in their backyards. We are not an academic institution and therefore formal education is not a requirement. All you need is a passion for an idea or running a project that transforms mindsets.

The Spice Accelerator’s highly competitive intake is for between 6 - 16 women and men as well aged 18 years and older, who have overcome adversity in their lives from East Africa for now. In future we would like to admit participants from all parts of the globe.

At the Spice Accelerator we recognize that individual causes can only be better advanced when change leaders are committed and spiced to connect, empower and inspire each other. We believe in the importance of not feeling like you are in this alone. It is essential to regularly check in with trusted collaborators, partners, and fellow accelerators along the way. Great initiatives and causes are not created in a vacuum; diverse perspectives help you hone and question your own approach. We believe that success in the social change impact creation means a long career, and that means focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Are there certain criteria before applying for the Spice Accelerator?

Yes! The following eligibility criteria applies.
» You will need to have social change project or initiative that will create a mindset change in your community.
» Previous Leadership initiative
» You will need to be a woman or man aged 18 years or older
» Basic knowledge in English (reading, writing and speaking)
» Basic knowledge in using a computer
» Willingness to learn and share your skills with peers and mentors.
» Ability to share your skills with your intended project beneficiaries.
» Deep rooted in the community you seek to transform.
» Our selection is not based on your academic performance or qualification.
» You must be coming from the East African countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). Other countries are yet to be open for applications.

We do not discriminate applicants based on ethnicity, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, socio-economic status or disability. Spice Without Borders reserves the right to verify all of the information provided during your application and in the event that there is a discrepancy, or information is found to be false, the applicant will immediately be disqualified. Any application not meeting the above eligibility criteria will not be forwarded to the selection team for consideration.

What are the dates for the next Spice Accelerator?

The Spice Accelerator runs a six month program each year that is highly competitive.
» Application for Spice Accelerator Program will be open all the time. However, June to December would be the ideal time to apply for the upcoming course. Otherwise applications that come in once we are done with the selection for the upcoming course is finalized will be considered for the next course cycle.

» We require a minimum of one month for us to be able to respond to your application with the final results.
>> 2018 Accelerator Program for Eldoret City, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya starts on 4th June 2018.

What are benefits of being part of the Spice Accelerator program?

Individuals at the backyard of society across communities and globally need to join hands and work together to come up with solutions to new global challenges. At our Spice Accelerator program you gain from;

» Affiliation with a growing global network and brand.
» Exposure to local and international community of change makers.
» Access to subject matter experts and networking with potential investors.
» Access to legal and service discounts
» Practical project management skills training and access to professional trainers.
» One – on – one mentorship and coaching by our dynamic mentors.
» Funding coach support to steer your fundraising skills
» Networking opportunities with local and global social change makers and leaders.
» A dynamic and creative space to grow and develop yourself and your social change initiative.
» Being part of the growing creative spicy accelerators movement of individuals committed to creating a better world for all.
» Site visits to successful social change initiatives and social impact organizations.
» On completion of the 6 month long accelerator program, participants will possess the skills and resources required to lead a strong, ethical, accountable and sustainable social change organization that brings about measurable social change in their communities.
» Spice Accelerator will prepare you to start your social change project or initiative and at the end we will issue a certificate of completion to those who successfully complete the course.
» Special pitching and demo opportunities.

What kind of qualification will I get when completing the course?

» Spice Accelerator will prepare you to start your social change project or initiative and at the end we will issue a certificate of completion to those who successfully complete the course.

Is a university degree or admission into a university required in order to apply?

» No. Formal and informal education is considered in your application, but applicants are not required to have a university degree or to have attended college or university.

What is the goal of the Spice Accelerator?

» Our goal for Spice Accelerator is to empower participants with the skills, tools and an opportunity to design and implement solutions to the challenges faced in their backyard. We are identifying individuals who are ready to lead in accelerating social change in their own backyards and provide them with opportunity to learn essential skills and apply those skills in the context of their communities.

Is there any exam to assess my performance?

» There are no exams but if participants fail to deliver assignments, engage in a proactive, respectful, social and responsible manner it could lead to disqualification from the Spice Accelerator program.

Will I get holidays during the course period?

» There are no holiday breaks however the curriculum will be interrupted for some days in between. Exact dates will be announced once the course starts.

How do I input my name into the application?

» Please type your name exactly as it appears on your government identification card or passport.

After I submit my application, can I go back and make any changes?

» No, once you have submitted your application for selection consideration you will not be able to make any changes or add additional information. However, prior to submitting your application you may make changes or add information.

What can I expect by going through the Spice Accelerator?

We equip our accelerators on lean startup methodologies, testing your critical assumptions, creating a viable social business models, and effectively communicating and presenting to investors.

What makes Spice Accelerator different from others?

Spice Accelerator initiators have made so many mistakes and it has cost them so they do not want you to repeat the same. Cultural diversity is one of our core values that we stand by. You will learn just as much from the other like-minded participants and our catalysts in the program as you will the mentors and advisors. This is a tight-knit community of social change accelerators who will hold you accountable, help you get out of your own head, and push you forward faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Another unique aspect of our accelerator program is that it is broken up into different phases which is designed to help your startup in each unique phase of development. We don’t believe in the ordinary academic standard model of accelerators where you are abandoned after 3-months, we walk with you all the way.

Who sits on the Spice Accelerator Selection Committee?

A collection of our board members, catalysts, a current accelerator and Spice Mentors.

Do you help with funding opportunities?

Spice Accelerator has dedicated funding coaches amongst its catalysts and their focus is to equip you on the fundraising process, how to communicate with investors, and ultimately connect them with the most compatible investors in our network.

Can I stop by the Spice Accelerator for a tour?

Absolutely! Come on down. We’d love to show you around our open innovation space and hear about what you’re building and how we can get you plugged into our community of social change accelerators. Feel free to contact us through our online form and let us know when you want to pay us a visit.

Do I need to submit a business plan to be eligible for the Spice Accelerator?

No, you just need to fill out the application where you have the option to attach additional materials if you’d like.

I don’t have a business idea, but I just want to do something. Is the Spice Accelerator for me?

No! For you to be selected in our accelerator you must have an idea, it doesn’t have to be a perfect idea. However you can attend some of our events like SpiceTalks, check the website for more information. Our events will will ignite you to identify what you can do. Self drive is key for us.

I’m a serial social entrepreneur, what do you have to offer me?

At Spice Accelerator we value that no 2 business are the same and just because you have created a startup before does not necessarily mean you cannot be a beneficiary from our mentors and other subject matter experts within the program. Spice Accelerator can help give your initiative increased visibility and credibility.

Do I need to have formed a legal entity to join Spice Accelerator?

No, we are working with a number of legal partners who can offer discounted services and guidance to establish your social venture.

I have more than one idea that I’m interested in pursuing. Can I submit multiple applications?

This is a great ambition, unfortunately the answer is no. You will have to choose one idea to apply with. We look for entrepreneurs who are 100% committed and passionate about their concept. It’s a troubling indicator if we see more than one application from the same person. The good news is, with the one idea you can end up transforming it into one that you never thought about.

Do you support both profit and non profits?

Absolutely! We are building a network of passionate social change accelerators who provide urgent solutions to the communities' pressing problems, and are open to any path that gets there.

How much does it cost to participate in the Spice Accelerator Program?

The six months spice accelerator program for Eldoret City is a partial scholarship and selected applicants are to pay a fee of Kes. 60,000/-.

For most of the programs we run, there is no cost to the Social Change Accelerators who are selected to take part however you should take note of the following;
» Partial scholarships will be arranged for those who are selected. A scholarship covers the following expenses:
» Transportation within Kenya for project related purpose
» Full board Accommodation, including shared accommodation and meals not applicable for the Eldoret City Program as participants will be day scholars.
» Internship within a given budget framework
» Course related costs, including faculty, equipment and materials; and
» Alumni Network Membership

What kind of expenses will be covered by me?

» Spice Accelerator Fee of Kes. 60,000/-for the Eldoret City Program.
» Travel expenses (flight, visa, passport) to Spice Accelerator Campus and back to place of origin.
» Medical/ Health Insurance
» Costs for travel, visa, health insurance etc vary in East Africa.
» Caution deposit of 100 USD
» Personal expenses approximately 200 to 300USD for your personal effects.
» Please do inform yourself in advance of costs that you will need to cover so you are able to raise the same.

What do you mean by caution deposit?

» Caution deposit is a security amount for any possible damage to Spice Without Borders’ property and/or equipment caused by participant and/or to cover any other emergency costs.

When will my Caution Deposit be refunded?

» If no emergency/damage occurs, and if your scholarship is not terminated, and/or if you do not resign from the course, the full deposit amount will be returned to you on the day you leave the Spice Accelerator campus upon completion of the course.

When do I need to pay the Caution Deposit?

» The Caution deposit will be collected once the selection for the course is confirmed by the Spice Accelerator Selection Committee. Within 14 days of signing the Accelerator Scholarship Grant Agreement, you need to transfer a 100 USD security deposit to the account of the Spice Without Borders. This is an international organization that operates the Spice Accelerator.

» With the successful transfer of the deposit you will ensure that you will have a reserved your place in the upcoming course. The first 16 applicants who transfer the money will be able to receive the scholarship for the course in Eldoret, Kenya.

How can I make the Caution deposit and or support the Spice Accelerator by cash?

» You can remit any way you like as long as it is received in the account of Spice Without Borders.

Bank transfer Details:

  • Account Holder: Spice Without Borders
  • Bank Name: Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
  • Branch: Moi Avenue, Nairobi
  • Account No.: 118 410 9745
  • Swift Code: KCBLKENX
  • Bank Code: 01
  • Branch Code: 100

Address of the bank
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