Accelerating Social Change

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We have an events that are designed to accelerate social change namely; SpiceTalks, SpiceTalksX and SPICEFestival. They bring to the society inspirational talks by social change accelerators and  film screening through our partnership with SIMA Awards and a festivals showcasing the best of global impact initiatives in communities around the world.


At SpiceTalks we celebrate the diversity of those from the backyard of society, their energy, their vision and their focus to plant the spice as they are privy to social ills and have the natural spice to accelerate change in their communities. Its mission is to bring out ideas from the backyard of society and to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to provoke dialogue right in the backyards building an all inclusive society. This is because we strongly believe that the people and leadership at the backyard of society must drive the direction of local participation and development. To provide a venue for hosting this space kindly fill our sponsorship form.


SPICEFestival | Create. Participate. Spice – Connecting creative spice with audiences

Through this event, we strongly believe that arts and un-harmful culture can be accelerators for social change. SPICEFestival connects inner spice with audiences and inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds to create scenes of diverse artists and establish networks of cultural organizations ensuring audiences access to new forms of creative expressions. SPICE Festival brings a broad variety of artists from diverse backgrounds all over Kenya. To provide a venue for hosting this space kindly fill our sponsorship form.