Accelerating Social Change

Our Impact

At spice Without Borders we identify diverse social change leaders at the backyard of society and equip them with the ideas, tools and know-how to accelerate social change. Measuring the impact of our work is key to prove that what we do impacts the communities where our social change accelerators come from. For us to also improve our work and ensure that it is consistently meeting the needs of our social change accelerators. We internally evaluate our initiatives to check that it meets our participant’s expectations.


Our target group
» Underprivileged Individuals from the backyard of society particularly women and men as well aged 18 years and older within East Africa for now.

» Atleast 80% of our participants should have directly experienced the social issue they seek to address.


To the Participants
» We expect at least 60% of our participants to feel more confident in being able to initiate a sustainable positive social change project that impacts their backyards.

» Create a network of social change accelerators that will share and collaborate in their initiatives.

» One–on–one mentorship and coaching by our dynamic mentors.

» Affiliation with a growing global Spice Without Borders network and spicy brand.

» Exposure to local and international community of change makers who are determined to accelerate social change in their backyards.


Opportunities Created
» Creating social change accelerators at the backyard of society with necessary skills to help their communities take action through the Spice Accelerator Program.

» Developing platforms that provoke mindsets and ignite dialogue, mobilization and awareness creation through SpiceTalks and Spice Festival.

» Making the world more aware of the social ills at the backyard of society that go un-abated by bringing out unheard stories on different platforms.

» Innovating new social change models at the backyard of society allowing people to monetize their creativity.

» Our participants will recruit volunteers from their backyard to support their social change initiatives especially those considered vulnerable due to their circumstances.

» We forecast to create sustainable job opportunities when our participants graduate and initiate projects.


We endeavor to solve the following problems;
» Bridge the gender and social inequalities at the backyard of society.

» Expand the diversity and inclusion space in the society where we live.

» Connect leaders from within with their communities.

» Spice and embolden the social change innovation and entrepreneurship charisma from an early age and at the backyard of society.