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The Initiator | Erick Matsanza

Erick Matsanza


Erick Inghatt Matsanza is a social entrepreneur, life coach, consultant, speaker, brand builder, mentor and community catalyst. He is a certified Social Initiator by kanthari international, an institute for social visionaries based in Kerala State, South India. This is where he made a u-turn to zoom right in his backyard and bring out the hidden and unpronounced issues beginning his entrepreneurial journey through Spice Without Borders.

Erick is passionate about catalyzing social change. A believer in diversity and inclusion who employs disruptive means in challenging the status quo and works with activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, initiators and innovators to help them pursue work they are passionate about, initiate sustainable social change ventures and create lives that make the world more inclusive and a better place for all. He does this through one-on-one mentorship to nonprofit and businesses startups. As part of the Kenya Ni Kwetu movement, one that brought into the limelight leadership issues and in his quest for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes and harmful norms he jumped from one issue to another on a local and national scale standing up for the people’s rights in Kenya through creative ways that unearth human rights abuses.

On a larger scale as the founder of Spice Without Borders a global leadership academy and incubator for social change innovation, he’s building a movement of diverse social change accelerators at the margins of East Africa. Inspired by the struggles of the women in his childhood who impacted his life when he was about to miss his education, it stirs him up to see more women empowered so as to take the front stage on social issues that matter most to them. His mother and sister despite their meagre resources, stepped in to take up the responsibility of ensuring that he completed high school.

Erick has expertise in social perspectives; project planning and management, concept transformation, issue based awareness campaigns, branding and marketing, event planning and management, social media advocacy and has skills in fundraising. He serves as the National Secretary for information and Publicity at Labour Party, a political movement that espouses the principles of social democracy in Kenya. He introduced and represented Labour Party to the Progressive Alliance at its inception in Sweden. He has done voluntary in a number of organizations across the world including Video Volunteers at their head office in Goa – India, Pawa 254 in Nairobi – Kenya, Hotel Kenrock, Kampala – Uganda.

For most of his life Erick has led a double life. By day he’s been defending human rights as an activist, as an entrepreneur he is an information technology consultant. With Spice Without Borders, Erick has integrated these two lives where he leads his team on identifying and equipping a new generation of change leaders; activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, initiators and innovators. Erick has developed and curated SpiceTalks, a platform for exceptionally spicy ideas from the backyard of society, and Be Spiced Workshops empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds and especially from the margins of society to build careers, business and lives that make a positive impact on the world. These initiatives have put him at the center of accelerating social change impact and provided him with a unique perspective for understanding and influencing trends within social change innovation and entrepreneurship.

As social change catalyst and a public speaker, Erick delivers spicy keynotes, workshops, and training for conferences, nonprofits, and learning institutions on social change innovation, entrepreneurship, personal branding, community building, and millennial engagement. His training on social innovation focuses on integrating a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation into nonprofits and social enterprises.

Erick Matsanza is part of the world wide scouting movement, as a young boy he took part in the 35th Jamboree-on-the-air (JOTA). He is also is a holder of the President’s Award Kenya Silver Standard.