Accelerating Social Change

Spice Mentors

Quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on change makers as it connects them to personal growth and development, social and economic opportunities. Spice Without Borders would not be having the spicy flavour in its experiential learning accelerator without the support of the talented and impact minded individuals who volunteer their time to empower and encourage our accelerators. Our mentors make social change impact at the backyard of society possible. They use their expertise in ideation, Branding, Business Strategy, Coaching, Certified Public Accountants, Filmmaking, Investing, Finance, Fundraising, Human Resource, Leadership Coaching, Legal, Marketing, Music, Project Management, Sustainability, System development, Team Building, Public Speaking, Website design, Visual art , Communication, Social Media awareness and Volunteer Management to help our participants be able to urgently solve real problems and making an impact in their backyards.

Here are the individuals who are committed to the mentorship of our participants.

Meet Our Mentors