Accelerating Social Change

Accelerator | Program

Spice Without Borders is the initiator of Spice Accelerator, a six month mentorship and one-on-one training program. It is a catalytic training that equips participants, based on their talents and dreams with; creative ideas, tools, methods and skills they need to initiate sustainable ventures that accelerate social change in their backyards. We are not an academic institution and therefore formal education is not a requirement. All you need is a passion for an idea or running a project that transforms mindsets.

The Spice Accelerator’s highly competitive intake is for between 6 – 16 women and men as well aged 18 years and older, who have overcome adversity in their lives from East Africa for now. In future we would like to admit participants from all parts of the globe.

At the Spice Accelerator we recognize that individual causes can only be better advanced when change leaders are committed and spiced to connect, empower and inspire each other. We believe in the importance of not feeling like you are in this alone. It is essential to regularly check in with trusted collaborators, partners, and fellow accelerators along the way. Great initiatives and causes are not created in a vacuum; diverse perspectives help you hone and question your own approach. We believe that success in the social change impact creation means a long career, and that means focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our CHILI factor accelerates the creative thought process.

C = Connect
Connect with diverse individuals like you, who have a passion to built, discover and learn something new.

H = Hone
Hone your skills that you discover within you and go step by step with subject matter experts on your way to engineering your social change idea.

I = Ignite
Ignite your inner creative abilities and transform concepts.

L = Learn
Learn from each other as you get the tools you need to get your ideas up and running.

I = Initiate
Go to your backyard and initiate your idea that accelerates social change in its reality applying what you have learnt.


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