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Rakonto Workshops – Global stories written by students, for students

Upcoming Rakonto Workshop

Spice Without Borders in collaboration with Rakonto presents a storytelling workshop for young learners and teachers in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County at;

[1] Patrician Primary School, Kabongo from 2nd May to 5th May 2018 and

[2] Greenlight Education Center, Kapseret from 7th May to 11th May 2018.

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Children love to tell stories.

However, in many places in the world, their creative voices are rarely heard or cultivated. Rakonto collects and shares stories told by unexpected authors: children from underserved communities.

Spice Without Borders in collaboration with Rakonto, works with school children (ages 11 and above) teaching the art and power of storytelling with the goal of having each student write their own original stories as a means of spreading cultural exchange and amplifying the voice of the young in their communities. To the teachers we give them a sense of the principles and methodology underlying the workshops so that they can, should they be persuaded, implement its strategies in their own teaching.

A spin-off of research conducted at Stanford University, we travel to schools and community centers in developing countries and conduct storytelling workshops that build on children’s natural potential to become original storytellers. Students of all ages learn a real-world, creative, and collaborative methodology based on Design Thinking principles, and are then challenged to use those principles in creating their own stories from scratch. After presenting these stories to their classmates, we get to work illustrating and printing these stories, to be shared with families and other learners worldwide.

Through these workshops we help children strengthen and take pride in their self-expressive powers and local traditions, and to realize their capacity for positive social change. We also bridge the gap between cultures by offering intimate experiences with members of another community. Best of all, we get to spread a message of hope.

Host a “Telling Your Story” Workshop at your School

Spice Without Borders in collaboration with Rakonto is looking for schools and community centers in East Africa who are interested in hosting a Rakonto facilitator for a roughly week-long workshop. The facilitator would arrive for a pre-designated week to offer their scalable and fexible “Telling Your Story” workshop to students of all age ranges, split into groups of roughly twenty students or less, spending your choice between two and six hours with each group.

They will also offer to your teachers a “Creativity in the Classroom” training workshop. All you require is to set aside time to welcome the workshop into your classrooms and the facilitator into your community for the duration of their visit.

You will also require a translator for classrooms with low English proficiency!

Our Impact
Rakonto storytelling workshops impact these communities, their students and teachers, and other learners around the world in more than one way. Through them we hope to…

[]Enshrine the value of literacy
[]Engender a wordly perspective
[]Produce sustainable impact
[]Demonstrate positive role models
[]Inspire new pedagogical practices
[]Strenghten cultural heritages
[]Incite cultural exchange
[]Provide tools for living meaningfully

Head Facilitator
Workshops will be hosted, by the Rakonto head facilitator, Sawyer Altman, a serial social entrepreneur and a recent graduate of the program in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University. Working alongside Professors at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, Sawyer has crossed his wanderlust for world cultures with educational innovation in these original workshops.

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