Accelerating Social Change

Red CHILI | Our Identity

A red CHILI is a spice that grows at the backyard of many homes in africa and it is left dormant with untapped possibility of its intrinsic taste and flavour.  Just like every idea at the back of an individual who has not known the inner abilities to change the world by the experiences they have gone through at the backyard of their families and communities. Its a sleeping passion that can have a ripple effect when accelerated to social good. CHILI on the other hand is never considered to be a favourable spice in Africa despite its medicinal values. A chili is considered to be “Chungu” Swahili for “bitter.”  Its the same feeling individuals who have encountered social ills in their lives habour.


A CHILI is spicy and whether boiled or not, it never loses its taste, a symbol of the inner uniqueness of each individual irrespective of their different abilities no matter what they have to go through in life. It is this spice that we flavour our accelerators and participants in our initiatives to find out from within themselves and come up with the most creative ways to accelerate social change.


A red CHILI to us is a symbol of a new generation of social change accelerator ready to creatively apply their passions in solving the most urgent problems at the backyard of society creating more inclusive communities free from all forms of discrimination. They use their unsensored “creativism,” a term that to us means activism at the intersection of creative arts and social justice.


Our  corporate identity is therefore that of a square open at the right corner with a red CHILI popping out symbolizing thinking out of the box without loosing the inner spice. Today the red CHILI forms part and parcel of every initiative that is idealized within our organization. This can be attested through some of our existing ones; Spice Accelerator, SpiceTalks and Spice Festival


Why not bite a CHILI today and become a social change accelerator.

C = Connect
Connect with diverse individuals like you, who have a passion to built, discover and learn something new.

H = Hone
Hone your skills that you discover within you and go step by step with subject matter experts on your way to engineering your social change idea.

I = Ignite
Ignite your inner creative abilities and transform concepts.

L = Learn
Learn from each other as you get the tools you need to get your ideas up and running.

I = Initiate
Go to your backyard and initiate your idea that accelerates social change in its reality applying what you have learnt.