Accelerating Social Change

The Team

Spice Without Borders team and participants are driven by the passion to their work as passion ignites the positive energy to work in challenging and hostile circumstances. Passion gives the courage to be bold in ones actions. We believe in justice and will ensure that individuals have equal opportunities to participate actively in society and do receive just treatment and fair share from the state and the community; Equity and Equality is close to our hearts and therefore we strive to work on the premise that all human beings are entitled to basic rights and equitable access to opportunities and resources regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, birth, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or other status.

The Team Members that enable the acceleration of social change are;

A 2010 kanthari Fellow and a 2015 Yali Fellow, Jayne Wairimu Waithera is a woman having been born with Albinism to a mother who abandoned her at birth out of fear and stigma, She is inspired by the works of Rick Guidotti. Jayne is on the frontline addressing the significant needs, both medical and psychological, of the local Albinism community — a community on high alert with news of recent bloodshed against individuals with Albinism in Africa.

Jane Waithera
Board Chair/ Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst

Erick Matsanza is a social change catalyst who employs disruptive means in challenging the status quo at the backyards. As a brand builder and community catalyst, he is the founder of Spice Without Borders, a movement of social change accelerators who use their inner spice to transform society. Before initiating Spice Without Borders, he co-founded Life Bridge an organization that bridges the technological divide and was a founding director at Intelsoft Limited, an Information and Communication Technology firm. He serves as the National Secretary for information and Publicity at Labour Party of Kenya, a political movement that espouses the principles

Erick Matsanza
Founder/ Social Change Catalyst

Board Treasurer | Veronica Nthenya Mutunga

Veronica Nthenya Mutunga
Board Treasurer/ Event Management

“Children need a voice, women need a voice, they are violated by some people in the society and most at times no one stands up for them. They suffer silently in the hands of the least expected people. They need someone to stand for them but mostly they need to be given a voice so that they can boldly rise up against such heinous acts, they need skills and education for them to make make the right choices.” Neema Afwande is a Business administration and Management specialist who has developed passion in social education. She has worked for several organizations

Neema Afwande
Board | Curriculum Coordinator

Grace Nzomo
Public Relations Catalyst

Paul Mwalaghe
Communications Catalyst

Abdi Khalif
Corporate and External Relations