Accelerating Social Change

Why Start your journey at Spice Without Borders

As a social change catalyst, I employ disruptive means in challenging the status quo at the backyards. Am inspired by the struggles of the women in my childhood who impacted my life when I was about to miss my secondary education which has stired me to see to it that more women and men as well are equiped with the necessary skills that will foster creative and critical thinking so that they are able to sustainably transform society.

In my quest for a Kenya free from discrimination, negative attitudes and harmful norms I jumped from one issue to another on a national scale fighting for the rights of the people using creative ways that unearth human rights abuses. With each single day new issues coming up, I made a u-turn to zoom right in my backyard and bring out the hidden and unpronounced issues.

I really wanted to see a society where everyone is equal and passionately creating a world that is better and sustainable for all by making a positive impact in a way they only know better. A society where we are not defined by who we are but by the positive change we create.

A society impacted by activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, initiators, and innovators from the margins of society who are passionate about social change

For one to be able to impact their backyards, it requires open-mindedness and ethical leadership that is authentic and accelerated with the virtue of equity and equality. One must also have guts to challenge the status quo.

I looked at a red chili and how it’s so captivating from the outside yet so spicy on the inside. A chili never loses its spiciness whether boiled or dried and crushed. Each one of us has this uniqueness within ourselves no matter what we have to go through in life.

We may not realize it until our mindsets are transformed and accelerated with a set of values that are within us.

So I initiated Spice Without Borders, a global leadership academy and incubator for social change innovation that provides mentorship and one-on-one training to those who want to enact social change in their backyards. I picked on a red chili as its corporate symbol.

Through our 6-month accelerator training program, we equip participants with creative ideas and skills they need to initiate sustainable ventures that accelerate social change through innovation and cultural transformation at the backyard of society. They are exposed to methods, techniques and theories that are relevant to their own ideas.

If you are a budding; activist, creative, entrepreneur, initiator or innovator passionate about social change and just do not know how to start?

Then you are the one we are looking for at Spice Without Borders.

Erick Inghatt Matsanza

Founder/ Social Change Catalyst
Spice Without Borders